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About Radha Krishna Ballet

Shri Krishna Rang Rasiya –

A Musical dance Ballet that takes you back to visualize Intense love between Radha-Krishna 

Is Presented In which Krishna with Radhaji, Baal Gop-Gopiyaan, Putna, Kaliya Naag, Kansa, Holi, Krishna Veerah, Maha-Raas, etc... all such Krishna leela's are envisaged. 

Radha- Krishna are a young couple madly in love with each other. They spend much time together,But there are periods of separation. They are not married, but have a committed open relationship.

Shri Krishna Rang Rasiya narrates you with adventures of Krishna and throws light on the mystique surrounding this ethereal personality. Shri Krishna Rang Rasiya has been formed by Jasmeen Mehta, that specializes in entertaining performances that showcase abundant classical and folk arts of India.